You're ready to put yourself first and live a life you love.

Pilates South Austin Co-Founders Beth Dukleth and Kari Levassar.

Pilates South Austin Co-Founders Beth Dukleth and Kari Levassar.

You're in the right place.

Everyone is welcome at Pilates South Austin. Whether you are experiencing joint pain, recovering from an injury, at the top of your game— or anywhere in between— we are here for you to feel your very best and empowered in your body.

We are a community of people who encourage one another to commit to ourselves first as prioritizing our own well being allows for being present and actualizing our dreams, both in our lives and for those we love most. 

Sounds like what you’re looking for, doesn’t it? 

We’re glad you found us and we’re happy to have you! 

Your friendly and knowledgeable instructors come from a variety of movement backgrounds and are highly trained professionals, which means you’re in good hands here.

Pilates South Austin furnishes the newest, top of the line equipment featuring Balanced Body Allegro 1 and 2 Reformers, a Cadillac, a GYROTONIC® Tower Expansion System, Redcord, and much more so you can rest assured you’re experiencing the best.

And because we have so many types of classes, from Group Reformer classes to Da Vinci BodyBoard classes, you will definitely find something you love. 

You don’t even need to know what any of those terms mean to join us at the studio— we are here to educate and introduce you to a world of fitness that is exciting, enjoyable and sustainable. 

Regardless of the vehicle, you will learn how to breathe and engage your body in new ways that will strengthen and lengthen you from the inside out.

Your body will become toned and supple. Fun fact: A flexible muscle is 20% stronger.

A strong and flexible body equals longevity and ease when doing all that you love in life! And we are committed that you live the life that you love while feeling strong, flexible, pain-free and vibrant.

It’s all possible. 

When you invest in yourself first, at Pilates South Austin, you will discover and unleash the power your body inherently holds. Let us help you MOVE in that direction!

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